About Us

At Our Bond Candle Co, our story is rooted in love, family, and a desire to cherish precious moments with my loved ones. It all began when I found myself juggling the demands of work and the heart-wrenching moments when my young daughter would ask, "Do you have to go to work again, Mommy?" Those words struck deep into my heart, igniting a longing to be present, to witness every milestone, and to create lasting memories together.

In the midst of this longing, a simple idea emerged – to create a bond, a connection that transcended the ordinary. So, I turned to my daughter and asked, "Would you like to work on projects together?" With sparkling eyes and boundless enthusiasm, she exclaimed, "Yes!"

And so, Our Bond Candle Co. was born, born from a shared dream of spending time together, growing together, and making the most of every fleeting moment. Our small family business, primarily a mother and daughter team, came to life. While I, as a mom, handle the majority of the work, my daughter's unwavering spirit and eagerness to help infuse every creation with love and joy.