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Berry Burst Oxygen Masque & Scrub

Berry Burst Oxygen Masque & Scrub

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Revitalize Your Skin with Berry Burst Oxygen Masque & Scrub

A Symphony of Freshness and Radiance

Get ready to experience a burst of rejuvenation that will invigorate your skin with our Berry Burst Oxygen Masque & Scrub. This isn't just another skincare product; it's a harmonious blend of self-love and renewal. Allow us to introduce you to the world of fresh, radiant skin:

  • Revitalizing Burst: Your skin deserves to be revitalized, like a refreshing burst of berries on a sunny day. Berry Burst Oxygen Masque & Scrub is your ticket to invigorating your complexion, leaving it with a vibrant, youthful glow that exudes elegance.

  • Berry Bliss: This masque and scrub duo is more than skincare; it's a berry-infused symphony of freshness. Enriched with blueberries and cranberries, it deeply nourishes your skin, revitalizing it with the natural goodness of these luscious fruits.

  • Radiant Transformation: Experience the pure elegance of well-nurtured, radiant skin, rejuvenated by the power of glycolic acid, blueberries, and cranberries.

Experience the Berry Symphony

  • Revive and Transform: Berry Burst Oxygen Masque & Scrub revitalizes your skin, making you look and feel refreshed, morning and night. It's your secret to maintaining a youthful, vibrant appearance.

  • Confidence Blossoms: Say farewell to dullness and uneven skin. Our masque and scrub combo minimizes imperfections and nurtures your skin, giving you the confidence to conquer the world with a luminous, radiant beauty.

  • Gentle and Rejuvenating: Our formula is gentle yet potent, providing your skin with the care it deserves. Experience the soothing, rejuvenating sensation of every application.

Your Journey to Berry-Fresh Beauty Starts Here

  • Confidence Redefined: Berry Burst Oxygen Masque & Scrub isn't just skincare; it's a confidence booster. Feel the empowerment of fresh, radiant skin and the beauty of self-assuredness every day.

  • Embrace the Berries: Join the countless individuals who have made Berry Burst Oxygen Masque & Scrub an essential part of their skincare ritual. Witness the transformation, day after day, as your skin sings with the freshness of berries.

  • Your Beauty, Your Story: Your beauty is a story that deserves to be told with grace and elegance. Let Berry Burst Oxygen Masque & Scrub be the pen that writes each chapter with fresh, radiant, and breathtaking beauty.

Directions for Use: Apply generously to clean face, neck and décolleté, creating a thick coat. leave on for 15 to 30, moisten and use gentle circular motions to slough off dead skin. Use warm water to remove completely. Follow with toner, serum and moisturizer.


Skin Types: All Skin Types 

Size: 2 oz Jar

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